Security Cameras

Peak to Pad specializes in cameras and recording systems. We can design a custom solution based off of years of experience in the security and surveillance industry. We also offer DIY packages and upgrade solutions of all kinds.

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Alarm Systems

We have alarm systems to meet any needs. Home and business solutions with no monthly monitoring fees. Self-monitored systems save you money and secure your property just like a monitored system would.

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Home Alert Systems

Want to know if someone is in the yard in the middle of the night or opens the door to the back shed? We have simple alert systems that let you know whats happening on your property and in and around your home.

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Low Cost, Subscription Free Solutions

At Peak to Pad we are dedicated to bringing you low cost, high quality solutions that will stand the test of time. We understand what is needed and believe that there is a cost effective solution for every situation.

We don't believe in monthly monitoring fees. We don't hide installer codes from you or lock you out of your system when your contract runs out. We believe in quality products and can deliver a system that will truly suit your home or business needs and keep you in control of the product you paid for.


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We are available 7 days a week and will try our best to work with your schedule to make the installation of your products as convenient as possible.