Custom Security Solutions

Professional products and professional service, every time.

IP Camera Systems

These systems are all 1080p or 4K cameras and recorders. They offer excellent clarity and lots of features and variations. They come with a free smartphone app so you can view your system from anywhere. The cameras get their power from the DVR, reducing cabling and system component costs.

HD Camera Upgrades

These systems are great money savers for those who have existing camera wiring in place. They deliver 720p/1080p and 4K resolutions over coax cable at very affordable prices. These systems also give you remote connectivity via the freeĀ smartphone app.

Self-Monitored Alarms

Alarms are great. They help protect you from break-ins. But why pay thousands of dollars over 2 or 3 years to have someone phone your neighbours for you if your alarm goes off? You can do that! The process of alarm monitoring IS needed by some people for various reasons but there is an option. How about no monthly fees?!!

Home Alert Devices

These devices are wireless sensors that can be placed anywhere that you want to be notified of activity. Like a basement, shed or back yard. You can have from 1 - 16 sensors. Water/flood sensors, motion sensors, window/door contacts. Once they are set up, there is no maintenance other than changing the batteries.