We offer professionally installed camera and alarm systems that are owned and controlled by you. We save you money by never charging you monthly fees. Our brands are familiar and have been tested in the field for years. We provide full training so that you feel comfortable using your systems. Backing up video or changing the master code on your alarm will be something you will be confident in doing.

HD Camera Systems

Looking to upgrade your existing cameras or have a new system installed? We will assess your property and recommend the products based on your environment.

Self-Monitored Alarms

Are the same as any other alarm system except you are in control and there are no monthly fees. The system notifies you via text or email and YOU call your neighbours or "key-holders" just like the alarm company would.

Alert Systems

Want to be notified of activity in and around your home. Simple alerts can sound a tone to notify you of when a shed or garage door opens or there is motion in a part of your yard or on your property.

Check out the DIY store

Are you the type that likes to save money and take on the project yourself? Tools, cables, cable ends and more... Our DIY store has everything you need to install your own camera or security system.

Give us a call

We will do our best to book you in at the most convenient time for you.